Jack the Ripper Ouija Board

Our JACK THE RIPPER Ouija board is 18" wide by 12" high and includes free US shipping.  This high definition graphic design is printed on our exclusive high-definition, premium vinyl material with our clear glossy finish and comes attached to a durable, black plastic base. Our standard Occult Boards planchette is included.

There is always another day to kill.  As "Jack" hunted the streets seeking out women of the night, he left in his wake stripped and opened bodies while his bloody footprints faded into the stone of the city. Never caught...never brought to justice.  And just maybe...still hunting.
Each board now includes our classic planchette!
Looking for something just as cool, but a little more portable and handy?  Our Ouija Board Keychains may be just the thing!

All of our exclusive and famous designs are now available to tag along for the ride, a quick trip to the store, or even a short chat with the dead.

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Ouija Board Keychains
So you wish to communicate with the dead? Our Ouija boards are  modern designs specifically crafted for your session. These glossy finished, premium Ouija boards are infused with high quality inks, mounted upon a thick, black synthetic backing and assembled by hand in our studios for decades of use.
Each board now includes our classic planchette!